November 01, 2013

Issues running Windows Update under Windows 7

If you're having issues running Windows Update under Windows 7, give these steps a try:
  1. Hit the Windows Key on your keyboard
  2. Type in services.msc and hit enter
  3. Scroll down until you find Windows Update 
  4. Right click on Windows Update and click "Stop"
  5. Hit the Windows Key again and type in the following: C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution
  6. Once the folder opens, delete everything in the folder.
  7. Go back to your Services.msc window 
  8. Right Click on Windows Update again and hit Start.
If you had a Windows Update window open, close it out and open it up again.  The easiest way to get back in would be to hit the Windows Key on your keyboard, type in Windows Update, and hit enter.

Select "Check for Updates" and Windows Update should start working properly again.